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Jersey House Prices - Instructions

This is the ideal place to start your property search and get a feel of the Jersey Property Market.   Your subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel via Paypal.

Our Jersey House Prices shows a list of the latest 20 transactions.  In order to find the price of a particular property you need to use the search facility to search by name, parish or post code.  The maximum number of results returned will be 20.

We produce a list of residential transactions recently completed before the Royal Court. and recorded in the Public Registry  The prices include the price for contents stated in the contracts.  We are constantly updating the records with older records from the public registry.    If you wish to book a market appraisal please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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Jersey House Prices - Terms and Conditions
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  2. Unless you cancel your subscription the payment will automatically renew;  for example if you purchase a 3 day membership the subscription will renew on day 3 for the same price;  if you cancel you will not have access after day 3 but you will have access until expiry date.
  3. No refunds are payable.  Each subscription will continue until its expiry.
  4. No guarantee is given as to the accuracy of the information or data provided.
  5. All prices are the prices paid (including contents) and shown on the information gleaned by us from the Public Registry of the Island of Jersey the contracts passed before the Royal Court;
  6. No personal data as to ownership will be provided;
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  11. The data is updated on a monthly basis however we try to update on a weekly basis.
Search Instructions

If you are searching for a house name the following applies:

By Name - For House Name search by name, i.e. Dunroamin

By Road  - Search by the Road name i.e. La Grande Route de la Cote

By Post Code - Insert the Post Code - if no results show up then remove the space.

By House Number - For Example 1 Le Geyt Street - you need to search in the NAME box.

Jersey House Prices

Date Property Name Road Name Parish Post Code Price
13/07/2018 Rourkes Drift 5 Howard Davis Mews
89, Don Road
St Helier JE2 4QD Buy Package to see price paid
13/07/2018 2 Le Clos De La Hauteur

St Helier JE2 3FB Buy Package to see price paid
13/07/2018 Homely Langley Avenue

St Saviour JE2 7NR Buy Package to see price paid
13/07/2018 Flat 6, St. Thomas Villas 29-31, Val Plaisant

St Helier JE2 4TA Buy Package to see price paid
13/07/2018 Ellerslie Le Mont Millais

St Helier JE2 4RA Buy Package to see price paid
13/07/2018 Part of ground floor, Liberation House Castle Street

St Helier JE1 1GL Buy Package to see price paid
13/07/2018 Beauvoir La Rue De Guilleaume Et D'Anneville

St Martin JE3 6DP Buy Package to see price paid
13/07/2018 Fairfield La Rue De Guilleaume Et D'Anneville

St Martin JE3 6DP Buy Package to see price paid
13/07/2018 Basement Storage at 37 Esplanade 3rd Floor Offices
37, Esplanade
St Helier JE2 3QA Buy Package to see price paid
13/07/2018 Bermuda House Green Street

St Helier JE2 4UH Buy Package to see price paid

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