A new website ...

A new website ...

A new website ...

Our new website

We are pleased to have a new website for our Estate agency business. We had been using our old site for nearly 9 years and it had become dated in its look and the technology also was also becoming outdated, although not obsolete.

The new site has been over the year in the making with ND Estates creating the database and backend with development initially beginning in 2020 during the lockdown.

In 2021 we introduced Jersey-based System Labs to the project, with them being responsible for the front-end design and connecting the database to make things work. We appreciate the work that they have done in going above and beyond what they may normally do for a site.

Starting off

As a start for the site, we knew that we were essentially going to build our own site and not use one off the shelf or indeed a customised off-the-shelf solution. The database and structure have been created to include all the items that we believe we need for the Estate Agency.

We met with SystemLabs to discuss our ideas having been introduced to them in early 2021. We had looked at a number of solutions including an upgrade of the existing system as well as looking at other local providers.

The site comes together

In building the database we sought to add in all the things we felt are needed in the website and particularly with regard to Jersey property.

We have added an articles section (or blog if you prefer) so that we can regularly publish updates on the local property market and other items which take our interest, such as this article.

Over the coming months, we will be expanding the offering of the website and including our Jersey House Prices again, which are currently being rebuilt using a faster system than we had previously. We are able to make changes to our website as need to keep ourselves at the forefront of our chosen technology.


We can now showcase properties as a Vendor would wish and include videos of each property where the Vendor so wishes. We always include a floor plan on all our listings together with a site location plan and as much information about the property as we are able.

If you are interested in marketing your home with us please give us a call or book a valuation using our online forms.

Easy to navigate

We have made our site easy to navigate so that the listings are on the same page as the details of the property you are viewing. The idea is that you do not have to press the back button on your browser.


Nick Dodsley, MNAEA, MARLA
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