We have been using Social Media since 2009 and other advertising media such as Google since that time.

Overall, social media can be a powerful tool for estate agents to reach potential clients and grow their businesses. It is important, however, to use social media professionally and ethically, and to adhere to any relevant laws or regulations governing the use of social media in advertising.

One of the problems we encounter, as do other agents, particularly in Jersey, is the negative comments, generally from people who have few followers and generally are known locally. Whilst we try to block foul language, some users still think it is acceptable to write abusive comments and do not consider that a business is actually run by people and that a home is owned by real people who will be looking at their listing. The home may be for sale because of the illness of a family member, bereavement or any number of reasons.

The same can be said of rentals. There can be any number of reasons for a listing. Yes, some people may be investors who are planning for their future, are not by any means rich, but have managed to diversify their investment interests. We see politicians commenting on rentals, as if they have an inalienable right to be correct, and to insult the very owners and indeed renters who are looking for a property.

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