ND Estates & Technology

ND Estates & Technology

We have been using technology to improve our services since 2009. From marketing to photography, and from 360 tours to drone technology, ND Estates has been utilizing various forms of technology to stand out in the competitive real estate industry. Here are some of the ways ND Estates has been using technology since we commenced business:


ND Estates has leveraged digital marketing strategies, such as social media and email marketing, to promote its services to potential clients. By utilizing these channels, ND Estates has been able to increase its reach and engage with potential clients more effectively.


ND Estates has invested in high-quality photography equipment to capture stunning images of properties for sale. This has helped the company to attract more buyers and sellers. High-quality photographs can help a property stand out, and ND Estates has recognized the importance of this in its marketing efforts.

360 Tours:

ND Estates has also used 360-degree virtual tours to showcase properties online. This technology allows potential buyers to virtually walk through a property and get a feel for the space before scheduling an in-person viewing. This technology has become increasingly popular in the real estate industry, and ND Estates has recognized its value in providing a more immersive and engaging experience for clients.


ND Estates has used drone technology to capture aerial footage of properties and their surroundings. This has helped the company to provide a unique perspective on the properties it sells. By utilizing drone technology, ND Estates has been able to showcase the location and surroundings of a property more effectively, which can be particularly valuable for properties with unique or picturesque settings.

Our own stock imagery:

ND Estates has created its own stock imagery library, which it uses to showcase the island and its properties in a unique way. By utilizing its own imagery, ND Estates has provided a more personalized experience for its clients and highlighted the unique character of the properties it sells.

Property Mailouts

We have integrated our CRM into our mailout system so that we can send properties to applicants who will be interested in viewing them. We have found over the years that limiting mailouts actually enhances the offering and does not continually bombard users with daily emails. We also use our weekly property listings to keep all applicants up to date with our listings.

In-house marketing:

ND Estates has an in-house marketing team that works on developing and executing marketing strategies. This has allowed the company to have control over its marketing efforts and tailor its messaging to its target audience. By having an in-house team, ND Estates has been more agile and responsive in its marketing efforts.

Tech development:

ND Estates makes use of the latest property technology and also develops its own products in-house where necessary. We also

Website development:

Last year ND Estates developed the concept of its new website and had significant input into its database structure and hosting environment. This has allowed the company to ensure that the website is tailored to its specific needs and provides a good user experience to its clients.

In conclusion, ND Estates has been at the forefront of using technology to improve the real estate industry in Jersey. By investing in digital marketing, high-quality photography equipment, 360-degree virtual tours, drone technology, and proprietary software, ND Estates has provided a unique and valuable service to its clients.


Nick Dodsley, MNAEA, MARLA
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